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Looking for an easy way to SELL your kid's unused items? You found it!

Register now to consign at the fall sale by clicking the CONSIGN button to the right below. Next, be sure to schedule your drop-off appointment and pay your consignor fee.




Collect, Prep, and Tag

Don't be intimidated! You Got This!

We're here to help every step of the way with resources on this page and personal support when you need it.

We make consigning fun and easy! 
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Drop Off!

Bring your items to the Nashville Fairgrounds on the designated days and we'll take it from there.

*IMPORTANT!  All consignors who wish to participate must have a drop-off appointment.


Receive your secure eCheck fast within less than 2 weeks!



We help parents like you sell new and gently used items their kids no longer need to other parents looking for the same thing all over one weekend, in one clean, safe and organized place! We save you time and help you make money!

JBF Nashville Consignors earned an average check of $350 at our Fall 2020 sale and you can too!

  • Consignors earn 60% on sold items.
  • Consignors who help at the event earn up to 75%.
  • A $14.00 consignor fee is charged to secure your drop-off appointment.

**Minimum of 25 acceptable items.  However, data shows that consignors who sell a minimum of 150 items make the most!


Simply schedule your drop-off appointment and pay your consignor fee HERE.

Our tagging system stays open 24/7. You can tag at any time. Not sure where to start? Start here CONSIGNOR GUIDE


Register to Consign



Get Involved

Helping at the sale is the #1 way to increase your earnings + you shop early not once but 2x!

The Spring 2021 Team Member shifts will open SOON!

Plus, it's tons of FUN!

  • Team Members earn MORE! 3 hrs (65%) & 5 hrs (70%)
  • Team Leaders earn 75%
  • Shop EARLY at Wednesday's Presale (tiered shopping based on helper hours)
  • Shop EARLY at Friday's Half-Price (Private) Presale

Our team members help with everything from event set-up, greeting shoppers, inspecting items, organizing merchandise, running a cash register, sorting items after the sale and breaking down the event.  

You don't have to consign to help at the event and shop early, however, we ask that you choose a shift prior to the Wednesday Presale, unless you have helped us before in the past. 

NEW CHARITY CHAMPION SHIFT! This 3-hr non-consignor shift (Sunday, April 11 from 2-5pm) was created for our JBF friends who believe in the giving back principles of our sale and would like to help us pull donates to prepare them for our charity partner pick-up. In exhange, you will be given access to our private 75% OFF donates sale from 12-2pm on April 11. These hours do not count toward the Wednesday Presale. 








  • On average, JBF shoppers earn $400​​ or more per sale!
  • LIVE sale tracking! You've been warned, it's addictive!
  • Our unique Mobile Talk-to-Tag allows  you to tag your items on your phone using your voice!
  • We check for Recalls!
  • Our sales are clean, friendly, super organized - all with a focus on making it smooth and easy for shoppers to find and BUY YOUR stuff!

Did you know your JBF consignor number and can be used at any of the 150+ JBF sales across the country?  


Now for the fun part - getting all of that clutter out of your house!  Bring your best and make sure it is clean, without stains or holes, and in working order.

Schedule you DROP-OFF HERE

POWER CONSIGNORS - ONLY  (over 500 items)
Monday, April 5th | 6pm - 8pm
Note: Power consignors are asked to help for the sort shift on Sunday, April 11 or send someone to help in their place or be charged a $20 sort fee.

Tuesday, April 6th | 9am - 8:30pm

Tuesday, April 6th | 9am - 8:30pm
(ALL items for must be marked discount & donate. No waiting, no lines, no problem)

MID-SALE (extra drop-off)*
TBD (This is a 2nd chance for those who dropped off on Tuesday, but have additional items yellow tag items and toys)

Consignor Documents you need:

Here's How it Works:
1. Sort, prep, and price your items at home (see details below) and bring them to the Fairgrounds Nashville.

2. Bring your signed Consignor Waiver, Car Seat Waiver (if applicable) and Crib Waiver (if applicable). 

3. Check in and we will provide you with a rolling rack or shopping cart to transport your items into the building. Following a quality control inspection, you will place all items on the sales floor. Please plan to allow 30-45 minutes for this process depending on how many items you are selling.

IMPORTANT: Pre-sort your items for Drop-Off: Please have your clothes hung on hangers, sorted by gender and size before you arrive for drop-off.


Sunday, April 11 | 7-9pm

You have a choice! You may donate or pickup your unsold items. Donated unsold items are tax-deductible and you will be able to print a receipt.

Please ensure you have arrangements for either you or someone on your behalf to pickup your items during the designated times. At 9:01pm, we will be loading the donation truck and any items remaining will be donated - no exceptions.



Click to expand

STEP 1: Gather Your Items


Every room in your home has items that your children are no longer wearing or using. It's time to gather everything and to declutter your home. 


Here's where to check (Click HERE for graphic):

• Attic or Basement Storage
• Kid's Bedroom
• Mom's Closet
• Linen Closet
• Bathroom
• Living Room
• Mud Room or Hall Closet
• Kitchen
• Playroom
• Garage
• Outside

Our wide selection of items is one of the TOP 5 reasons why shoppers love JBF!

STEP 2: Organize in 30mins or less

Once you have a pile of things your kids are no longer using it's time to decide if you should KEEP, SELL or TOSS each item.

Place each item into one of three tubs labeled - KEEP, SELL or TOSS

KEEP - items that you aren't ready to part with yet. Maybe you're thinking about having another child or maybe the item is too sentimental. That's ok! Keep it. These items may also be for the next season - not this upcoming sale.
SELL - Items you want to sell
TOSS - Items that don't meet JBF Standards. This is typically your donate pile.

When you're done set aside the KEEP tub and revisit it later. Take the TOSS tub to your local charity, repurpose the items or throw them away. The SELL tub is now ready to tag and prep!! You Ready?!

STEP 3: Prepping before you Tag


It is highly recommended to sort items by size/gender and group like items before you begin tagging/pricing.  This will make your tagging go so much faster.  For example:


  1. Put all your (size 2) items on hangers and sort them by gender
  2. Group all the (size 2) pants together, size 2 dresses, size 2 outfits, etc.
  3. Optional - further organize by brand (Basic/Discount, Chain store, Premium, Designer). See Pricing Guide.
  4. TIP: Hang size NB to 5T on infant/youth hangers, hang size 6 and up on adult hangers. ALL hangers accepted.


  1. Go ahead and check for recalls now, before you go any further.
  2. Gather all the accessories and manuals and place with the appropriate large items.


  1. Gather ALL the pieces and parts for your toys and bag them up and put them together with the appropriate toy.
  2. Test ALL toys to make sure they are in working order and have batteries.
  3. Be sure to put puzzles and games in their appropriate box. Make sure ALL pieces are there.

VERY IMPORTANT:  Make sure everything is CLEAN (even the soles of shoes - Magic Eraser works wonders), and in LIKE-NEW condition. 

STEP 4: Shopper-Focused Pricing

Selling at JBF lets you be in control of the price of each item. You also decide if it goes half price on the last day of the sale. And if the item doesn't sell, you can either donate the item or pick it up.

Successful sellers at JBF practice "Shopper-focused Pricing". Ask yourself, "What price would make me buy this item and brag about it to a friend?"  Try to resist pricing on sentimental value.


Charge MORE for:

• New with Tags
• "Dressy" items
• Items in Original Packaging
• Large Items
• Popular Toys

Charge LESS for:
• T-shirts
• Play Clothes
• Infant Items
• Maternity Clothing
• Junior Clothing

To sell more items we recommend that you let your items reduce during our HALF OFF DAYS.

STEP 5: Tagging Your Items

It helps tremendously to start tagging items as soon as you can, that way you can pace yourself instead of being overwhelmed the day before drop-off.  See this helpful Tagging Timeline Chart.

When you are ready to create your tags, Log into your JBF Profile and click on the TAGGING icon on the top right corner of the page.

Select CREATE TAGS and then grab your first item and start.

Select the Category > Choose the Size > Write a detailed description > Select the Price > Choose if you want it to REDUCE > Choose if you want it to DONATE > Write in the Quantity


For DETAILED GUIDELINES on how to prepare and tag specific items please CLICK HERE

STEP 6: Drop off Your Items

Bring your tagged and prepped items to the Nashville Fairgrounds - Expo 3 Center

• You'll be responsible to place all of your items on the sales floor in their designated places.

• Team Members will be on hand to assist you so you'll know where everything goes.

• Plan between 45-60mins to Drop off your items.  Plan extra time if you have children with you

Supplies & Tags


You must tag all items using our online tagging and barcoding system.

Please make sure that your 7 digit universal consignor number is correct on every tag. You may find your consignor number on the your JBF Profile or on your confirmation email you received when you registered. MYJBFTAGS features

With our Tagging Site you can:
• Track sold items online instantly
•  Detailed inventory lists (donations report)
•  Print at home, no waiting
•  Records from sale to sale

If you want to donate your unsold items at the end of the sale, choose the donate option. Any items not picked up during consignor pick up times will be donated to our charity partner, Rust Street Ministries.

You set your own price on all items. Price to sell! Generally items sell for 1/3 of the original price, depending on name brand and condition. Better brand names, unique items, or high price items usually bring more. Ask yourself "What would I pay for this item? Please use $.50 price increments only (i.e.; $6.00 or $6.50 rather than $6.99).

If you decide to NOT let your item go for half price, it will print a red star on the tag. This tells the customer that the item will remain Full Price throughout the sale. Please be selective on the items that you star, since items with no stars tend to sell better on the discount days. If you are donating your items at the end of the sale, please do not choose for your item to remain full price.

Print your tags on light colored CARDSTOCK ONLY You can also change your printer to just black and white. If you choose to do this, please color the stars in with red marker.
• WHITE cardstock
• Tagging gun or safety pins
• Hangers (any size)
• Baggies
• Clear packing tape
• Scissors
• Ribbon, String, or zipties
• Access to computer and printer
• Stain remover
• Downy Wrinkle Releaser
• Febreeze

Mommy Mart

Mommy Mart Graphic (http://bit.ly/JBFMart)

Select:  Household items that other families will use (no knick knacks please).  You may consign storage solutions (baskets, bin, shelving), furniture (no upholstered items), regifting items, craft items, decor (lamps, wall hangings, no antiques), and kitchen items (small appliances, utensils, etc.).  Please be aware, we will be VERY picky about which items are allowed for the Mommy Mart.

Package:  If selling multiple pieces together, be sure that all pieces are secured together.

Price:  Price to sell!  These items are not the primary reason shoppers come to JBF, so set the price very low!

Tag:  Secure the tag to the item to ensure that the tag does not fall off during the sale and so that item is not damaged when the tag is removed after purchase.

Talk-To-Tag Video

Consignor Waivers & Checklists

These forms will assist you in preparing your items for Consignor Drop-off! (updating)




Our Valet Tagging program is designed for parents like you in mind, who would love to participate as a JBF Consignor, but may not have the time nor the desire to tag your own items. We provide the perfect solution to your dilemma, both freeing up your time and putting money back in your household! 

Our experienced taggers will prep, tag, and deliver your items to the sale - just sit back, watch your sales LIVE in REAL-TIME and your eCheck will be emailed to you within 10 to 14 days.

Make more money than a consignment store or garage sale and save your most valuable asset...TIME!



Is there a fee & how much do I have to consign?
There is a $25 Valet Consignor Fee due at registration. The Valet fee covers basic supplies, tagging, storage and transport to the sale.  Minimum is 75 acceptable items or maximum 1,500. Additional fee if consigning over 500 items.

After I sign-up what happens next?
Valet Consignors will be contacted within 48-72 hrs to schedule your drop-off.
It is your responsibility to transport your items to your assigned tagger. Items must be received within 7-10 days of contact with our Valet Coordinator or you may lose your spot.

How do I prepare my items to make the most money?
ALL items must be CLEAN and if in working order with all its parts! VIP Consignors must SORT clothing (by size/gender) and HANG on appropriate size hangers.

50% - Items hung/sorted and ready to be tagged
=>The Valet Consignor receives 50% of their earnings assuming clothes are SORTED (by size/gender) and HUNG on appropriate sized hangers. Outfits should be grouped together. Items like toys with parts are grouped together. TIP: Size Newborn to size 5T works best on infant or youth hangers, and size 6 and up works best on adult size hangers.

45% - Items (CLEAN) but not hung
=>If you DO NOT hang/sort your clothing or sort toys, your percentage will be 45% and you will be charged an additional fee of .10 per hanger (unless you provide hangers).

Do I get to review the taggers prices?
After everything is entered you will have 24-48hrs to review and request changes before your tags are printed and attached.

Who takes them to the sale?
Our Valet Taggers will deliver your items to the sale and you have the option to donate them ALL to our charity partners or pick up your unsold items during our normal consignor pick-up time.

Valet Consignor Perks!!
Valet Consignors that HELP at the event at least 3 hrs can earn up to 5% more.
Valet Consignors SHOP the Presale is Thursday, October 1st at 4 pm (Team Members shop way earlier) and the 50% Presale on Saturday,Oct. 3rd at 6:30pm.

If I don't donate, when is pick-up?
Consignor Pick-up is Sunday, April 11. No Exceptions.

To REGISTER for Spring 2021 Valet Tagging click: HERE

Still have questions? Send an email to yolandaprince@jbfsale.com for more information





Don't be intimidated by consigning. It's really easy once you consign the first time, and we are always available to help you! The success of our Consignors is important to us!  That's why we have a support system to help you whether you have been consigning for years, or this is your very first time!

Have consigning questions?

  • Call/text Yolanda at 615-707-7541 or email yolandaprince@jbfsale.com
  • Join our private Consignor Facebook Group and be connected with us and other consignors to get questions answered fast at JBFRocks!
  • Check out this entire page - it is jam packed!
  • Watch our videos below on how to tag everything!


Families helping Families!


Yolanda Prince


JBF Cell: 615-707-7541 (v, txt)

Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions!

Vendor Inquiries: HERE!



Howdy!  I'm Yolanda and I organize the Just Between Friends Sale Event in our GREAT Nashville Music City!

As a mom of 2 children, I get it!  Raising kids is expensive...not to mention they outgrow things SO fast (my kids have even skipped sizes)!  After seeing so much of our money vanishing from traditional shopping, I became a fierce bargain shopper out of necessity!

Consignment sales provided the perfect solution, and thus birthed my love for consignment! That's why I wanted to bring a JBF to Nashville, so you could also experience Just Between Friends!

Locally owned - our events allow communities to sell the items their kids no longer use, and get way MORE for LESS! It's a win-win and why I love JBF...I know you will too!